The Renegade Billionaire Goal Setting Workshop: How To Achieve Your Biggest Financial Transformation

In this all new workshop, I'm going to go much deeper and hands on, teaching you powerful frameworks that will help you SET, and above

The Renegade Billionaire Goal Setting... The Renegade Billionaire Goal... The Renegade... Towers Of Zeyron
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What you will learn?

Intro: Practice Being A Billionaire Right Now
Practise Being A Billionaire Right Now Free class!
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10 Billionaire Practices
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Billionaire Practical Exercise
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Level 0: Your Billionaire Self-Audit
Level 1: Your 50 Year Vision
Level 2: Your 50 Year Billionaire Goal
Level 3: Your 1 Year Billionaire Goal
Level 4: Your Billionaire 20 Year Goal
Level 5: Your Billionaire 10 Year Goal
Level 6A: Case Study, A Billionaire's Path, Watch After Level 5
Level 6: Your Billionaire 5 Year Goal
Level 7: Your Billionaire Goal For This Current Year
Level 8: The Ten Mutunhire BILLIONAIRE METAGAME
Level 9: Your IDEAL Day For Automatic Billionaire Goal Accomplishment
Level 10: Meet The BILLIONAIRE VERSION Of Yourself

About the course

"What If All Those People Saying You Can't Be A Billionaire, And All The Fluffy Gurus Telling You To Pinch Pennies And Accept Mediocrity... Are Wrong!"

Listen, I didn't set out to be the coach of hungry, passionate, young entrepreneurs with the guts to be billionaires.

I was just some dude trying to build up my own business.

I had no option.

I had been laid off from a big multi-billion dollar corporation.

After sacrificing so much for them, it just seemed short-sighted to me.

So guess what, I said, "I'm not needed here anymore. I'm gonna go build my own billion dollar corporation. And when I do, I will treat people better!"

Taking that fateful decision to leave the safe world of corporate employment and build my own thing placed me on a collision course with destiny.

Along the way, I had to learn exactly how the billionaires and titans set billion dollar goals, and actually achieve them. Recognizing that the other scrappy young entrepreneurs around me needed help, I started teaching this stuff and spreading the recipe. For months, with some friends, I taught a free workshop called The Billionaire Retreat. I'd like to believe it made an impact in the lives of those who attended the sessions.

Now, in this all new workshop, I'm going to go much deeper and hands on, teaching you powerful frameworks that will help you SET, and above all, ACHIEVE billion dollar goals in your life and business.

This "batteries included" workshop teaches you

- the secrets of how exactly billionaires are minted, and how you can be one too
- billionaire practices that produce superlative wealth
- a powerful secret that helps you unlock hidden abilities and places you in the right orientation in life for massive success
- why attitude matters
- why confidence is a billionaire trait, and a powerful method you can use each day guaranteed to develop your inner confidence more than you even know, Navy SEALs and world champions and billionaires all recommend this practice
- using the imagination right to hit superlative goals
- the right way to use visualizations and affirmations
- your Billionaire Self Audit
- your Vision and Impact
- the 5 Timelines of Billionaire Goal Achievement, and my incredible framework for working across all of them to hit your goals right on time
- The Ten Mutunhire Billionaire Metagame - a special subsystem I invented that turns your THEORETICAL action plans into PRACTICAL goal achievement without the crash and burns that plagues most New Year's resolutions and most goal setters. This alone, if you use it right, can quadruple or multiply tenfold your rate of progress towards achieving a billion dollar net worth
- the secret of doing the things TODAY that matter the most for billionaire success - your billionaire IDEAL DAY
- clearing your Secret Self Sabotage, and my iron clad rules to help you soar faster than you ever thought possible

When you've gone through all that, you will not only have practical, realistic goals and the systems in place to hit a billion dollar networth or more in your lifetime, but you will have the knowledge and tools to take ACTION today to actually manifest these incredible results in your life. What's more, in the last part of the course, I introduce you to someone very special, that you will discover through the process of completing the course: THE BILLIONAIRE VERSION OF YOURSELF.

But make sure you go through all the course and do all the exercises because that's the only way you will get to meet this special person the right way, otherwise you shortcut yourself and mess up your own progress.

This is a powerful workshop with a powerful outcome - transforming your life, business, and reality, into a superlative, massively accomplished billionaire goal setter, doer, and achiever.

Your greatest ACCOMPLISHMENTS are calling.

If this program is right for you, and in your heart you know this is what you've been waiting for, it's time to take action. See you on the inside.

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About the teacher

Ten Mutunhire (aka General Tomahawk)

I'm a motivational speaker and musician. I study the billionaires and champions, and have decoded...

What's the difference between the average person and the billionaires and world champions? This is a question I have pondered as I went about to come up with the best possible framework for achieving success in life. I went from a background in computer programming to being a student of the programming of the human mind. In my journey I have discovered that we all place limitations on our own minds, and these doubts and fears are the single biggest thing that holds us back. The champions and billionaires, and you can be one too, have learned to program their minds to see the greater possibility of their own lives, and to shed the doubts and believe in their own capability for greatness.

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